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How to define a new class of star ratings in the article?

Provides the ajax five-star rating feature to your articles

How to define a new class of star ratings in the article?

Postby banker7 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:17 am

Hello, I need help! The plugin displays ExtraVote star rating in the category and the article. It is possible to set the output star under the heading below the article ... But I want to display in the category heading and article in the place where I want! It is possible to withdraw the article rating by {mainvote}, super theme but it does not negate the stars that appear under the title (on page 2 ranking appears, and needed one).
The solution I see is:
1 - set a different class in the category in the piece (<div class="extravote">)
2 - Make it so that the article in the derivation of the rating system by the operator {mainvote}, leaving only the stars of this statement!

Example of a site I can not show it to lokalke, but who worked with extravote understand.
Sorry for bad English.
Please help!
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