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Image Scrawler

Postby IAAF » Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:46 am

I just downloaded and installed mod_imgscrawler_1.5 and I can't figure out where to place on an article page. Many option exist, i.e., top, bottom, header, footer, etc. but none seem to work since there are not these designated zones on an article page. Is there a location for an article page or is there code I can enter within a row of a table to place the scroller?

Thanks for any assistance. Looks like exactly what I want. I added to a frontpage as a footer and it worked great. Just need to know how to place on an article page where I have all content within a table.

Some options seen in other scrollers include code to identify on page where object is to be. Is there such a way to do this?
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