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Probl making menu to password secured Gallery

zOOm Media Gallery for Joomla 1.5

Probl making menu to password secured Gallery

Postby iooi » Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:21 pm

zOOm Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4 wk08 with Joomla 1.15.21

I have a problem with password secured Gallerys.
I make the Gallery give it a password en upload some photo's in it.
So far so good.
Then I go to Menu - my menuname - NEW - Zoom Media Gallery

When I fill in the titel of the menu item, my browserscreen directly put me on the website http://joomla.vargas.co.cr/. Whatever I do, every field Wher I put one letter - then directly changes tot that website.
When I put my cursor in the section where to put Menu-item Values then at the left bottom (just above the windows start button) of my browserscreen it shows the URL of the website http://joomla.vargas.co.cr/

So I can't make any menu titels to link to the Gallery.
The problem is in Firefox 5, IE8 and IE9

Can you help me out to solve this stange problem.
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