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mooBox Gallery Plugin

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MooBox is a system plugin to easily load a mootools lightbox gallery from two different possible sources:

  • An image gallery from a specified folder supporting .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .swf file types
  • An articles lightbox secuence of a specified category ID


  • Joomla 1.7 or higher (Mootools 1.2+)


  1. Install as any other extension.
  2. Enable the plugin using your Plugin Manager.
  3. Use the following markup: <a href="#" rel="moobox" data-folder="images/sampledata/fruitshop">Folder Gallery</a> or <a href="#" rel="moobox" data-category="8">Category Gallery</a>

where "8" corresponds to your chosen category ID.

You can optionally add the following attribute to your <a> tag in order to set your lightbox to autoplay



Click to open the fruitshop folder lightbox


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