Sunday, 21 December 2014 11:25


Author List

altThis is a component to manage your content authors so your users can visit their own pages either in a blog or a sortable table (list) layout.

Once you have properly created your desired author instances (each attached to a specific user) in the backend, you can create different types of Author List menu items:

1. A list of your authors

2. An article list or blog layout from a specific author with or withour a "Select Author" drop down

3. A general article list or blog from all your authors with the same optional author filter possibility

Note that it is always important to have at least one menu item for every active component even if it won't actually show on any menu on your site, because that way you can have better control over it's behavior

Additionally, if you install and enable our Author List Content Plugin (plg_authorlist_content) it will link your authors' names to their com_authorlist pages whenever they show in your blog or article view.

Our User plugin (plg_authorlist_user) is there to automatically create an Author instance upon every new joomla registration

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