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Overriding menu item Itemid values

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Overriding menu item Itemid values

Postby doorknob » Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:32 pm

I posted a comment on the plugins section about this but I think that this is the correct place because this is a problem with the basic product rather than a specific plugin although site affected are likely to be those that use components that use (and require) a common itemid for many features.

When a link is created on the site map page that corresponds with a menu item, the link contains the itemid of the corresponding menu item. This is fine except where the link url on the menu itself contains a different value for the itemid. When the natural itemid of the menu item is overridden, then the link on the site map page must also use the same override otherwise the functionality can be affected and clicking on a link in the site map page can produce a different result to clicking on the original menu item.

I hope this can be resolved because I like your extension but I can't use it at the moment.

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