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Creating table without different prefix

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Creating table without different prefix

Postby null815 » Thu May 28, 2009 4:58 am

Hey developers,
first of all: Thanks for your great work.

After installing the new xmap-1.2.1 I was looking for a solution of the problem with "XmapSitemap.php on line 241". Reinstall after uninstall didn't work for me.

While looking around for other solution i noticed a table called "jos_xmap_items". But... my prefix for joomla is "jos__" (yes, two "_" because for better style in phpmyadmin).

In "com_xmap\classes\XmapConfig.php", line 148 the table will be created without regard to diffrent prefix than the standard "jos_". I change it, and... the "XmapSitemap.php on line 241" never seen. Don't know if it was the real problem for it, or second reinstall was my solution.... but... who cares, it's working. ;)

I tested again on my livesite: Installing without uninstalling before: Error "XmapSitemap.php on line 241". Renamed the table with phymayadmin with correct prefix: Works fine.
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Re: Creating table without different prefix

Postby guilleva » Fri May 29, 2009 12:12 am

Hi, thanks! Yes, there is a bug in the installation process! :oops: , It is fixed now!
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