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Problem with sitemap's own URL on sitemap page (builtin SEF)

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Problem with sitemap's own URL on sitemap page (builtin SEF)

Postby metamod_guy » Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:22 am

Hi folks,

using Joomla 1.5 with built-in SEF URLs, with .htaccess file as standard.

I have put a link to the XMap on a main menu, with alias of "sitemap".

The sitemap comes up properly. However, on the on the sitemap page, the URL for "sitemap" comes up as /sitemap?sitemap=1

This is because there's no router.php file for XMap. In router.php it should detect that there's a "sitemap=..." query component on the internal URL, and should then remove it if it's not necessary.

A minimal router.php which did this for me was this:

Code: Select all
function XMapBuildRoute(&$query) {

function XMapParseRoute($segments)

Admittedly this probably wouldn't work when you have more than 1 sitemap - you need to encode the sitemap # into the URL, then retrieve it from the incoming URL and put it back into $sitemap again. But for most people the above code should work just fine.

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