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Incorrect URL

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Incorrect URL

Postby Prasawet » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:40 am

Joomla! 1.5.14 Stable, sh404SEF, Xmap 1.2.2

I tryed to dig answer for my problem but after three days surfing throw forum I give up...
I install Xmap a month ago and didnt's see any problem, search engines have accepted XML map just fine. Then a couple days before I decide to change some articles name to something more relevant for my bussiness and the nightmare begin.

Xmap just still reffering to old urls but not all, some urls is accepted with new title (url) and someone not. I just can't figure out the rule for it. I checked SEF urls, even make same article title and alias names just in case, reinstall componet couple times, erased MySql Xmap tables, found Xmap plugin for sh404SEF (here on forum), ..but no result.
HTML Sitemap works just fine with no mistake but XML wich is important give me a lot of trouble.
Somehow I think the problem could be somewhere else but I stuck...any help will be more then welcome.
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