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Xmap latest and Akeeba latest (3.2.7. and 3.2.a3 alpha) bug

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Xmap latest and Akeeba latest (3.2.7. and 3.2.a3 alpha) bug

Postby skywalker » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:16 am

Hi to everybody,
Just to inform the community - it is possible that you experience the problems with this combination of components - if you have akeeba already installed, and if you are trying to install xmap, you will see your template (administrator side) broken after xmap installation. With browser back button you will succeed to get back, but after starting xmap component it will indicate errors -referring 'unable to create sitemap and missing xmap table'.
I haven't got time to find real cause of this problem, but you can 'bypass' this problem quickly - deinstall both components, and change the order of new installations - install xmap first, and then akeeba. Everything will behave as it should to after you follow this advice.
I'll be happy if this post will help to anybody.
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