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Timeout while generating HTML Sitemap

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Timeout while generating HTML Sitemap

Postby ulfk » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:46 pm


I have J 1.5.23 installed with Xmap (where can I see the Xmap version installed? I think it must be something like 1.2.x).

On Joomla is VirtueMart as Shop installed as well. So I want to generate a HTML Sitemap and it runs very long and slowly and after 30s I got a timeout:
"Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceed in " ... or similar to that.

I try to check what´s the problem. In this case there where a menu of Virtuemart (which stores _all_ products) in the sitemap. So every product where twice in the Sitemap. I excluded this menu_id and now it works, but is still very slow.
With other words: If the shop put extra as much articles in it as they have at the moment in it (twice the number of articles as at the moment), the error would appear again.

Any idea?

As I tried to find out the problem I found another suspicious behaviour. I activated caching with 15 min. I took a look in the cache directory and there was a ~3MB file. And every time I press f5 on the sitemap page, the cache file was deleted and generated new. So it seems not to be used. Bit strange, isn´t it?

Thanks for your suggestions!
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