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XMAP URL Causes Google Redirect

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XMAP URL Causes Google Redirect

Postby hatchmo » Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:40 pm

I believe XMAP is creating an incorrect URL that results in (1) incorrect display, and (2) Google redirects. It is related to using the Parent Menu ID instead of its SubMenu ID.
Here is an example in Joomla 1.5.3, using XMap 1.1.[list:63d8890c][*:63d8890c]_8=ID Parent Menu [*:63d8890c]34=ID SubMenu[*:63d8890c]38=ID Article[*:63d8890c]_4=ID Section[*:63d8890c]_9=ID Category[/list:u:63d8890c]The correct URL is:

XMAP sitemap URL is:

The only difference is the last number.
Appending the Submenu ID 34 results in proper page display with proper Modules loaded.
Appending the Parent ID 8 results in improper page display, and causes Google to complain about redirects.

If I exclude Menu ID 8, I get no URL at all for this Article. Is there any way to get XMap to use the Submenu number instead of the Parent Menu number?
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