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How i can integrate my Xmap with Joomfish?

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Re: How i can integrate my Xmap with Joomfish?

Postby six gun » Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:44 am

I had a look at your site and what you say.
I use the xml for Google.
The xml of the sitemap is the same for all the languages in the back of xmap. ... &no_html=1

but after literally messing around for a few minutes I found one of the pages opened with this in the address bar ... /view,xml/

I have submitted this to Google - it was accepted.

Notice there is a language parameter in it - en-GB

I altered this to ... /view,xml/

this comes up with the Spanish version and fr-FR the French and de-DE the German as I would predict.

I submitted all of these variations to Google via the Webmaster tools.
Guess what they were all accepted.

Looking at the format I would have thought this would work for other sites using xmap.

Give it a go - Remember my short language code is the same as the Joomla-filename in the back of Joomfish - so you will probably use for your Spanish site version., ... /view,xml/

I think this is generic and will work as I have a subdomain of the main site and I used, ... /view,xml/

This was accepted by Google as well so now I have 8 sitemaps with Google - 4 for the main site and 4 for the subdomains in each language.

So thanks for getting me interested enough to sort the problem out!
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Re: How i can integrate my Xmap with Joomfish?

Postby pcnw » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:44 am

The question is what will happen with the sitemap that Google reads (from webmaster tools)?
Will Google read both languages ?
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