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Xmap adds homepage url to blank list items

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Xmap adds homepage url to blank list items

Postby jgstyle » Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:10 pm

Hey all,

I have a menu with a drop-down, and I wanted the top menu item to not be a clickable link. I solved this problem by assigning it the Joomla menu type of "Separator". This resulted in the link being populated with the code "javascript:void(0);", giving me the effect that I wanted.

The problem comes when Xmap lists this menu item. Instead of using the javascript, it instead decides to insert the homepage url instead. I think this is supposed to be a helpful feature, but in this case it resulted in a screw up.

As the client's site that I am working on is a fairly static site, I just copied the code that Xmap generated and placed it into an article for now. However, when I have more dynamic sites this won't really be an option.

I'm not really a coder, so I don't know what the best fix is. I guess if you could tell Xmap to have the option to suppress the link on certain items (replace it with "#"), similar to how it can exclude specific ID's.

Oh well, hopefully this is something that might work its way into a future version.
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