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why does xmap only create sitemaps from menu items?

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why does xmap only create sitemaps from menu items?

Postby shoulders » Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:06 pm


i am not a complete newbie and i have been using joomla for some years, but i cannot fogure out why xmap 2.0 (for joomla 1.7) now only creates site maps from menu items. Is this not a bit pointless as the menu items are visible to google etc.. I thought on the joomla 1.5 version adding the menu item links to the sitemap was an extra, which made sense.

I assumed the plugins allowed xmap to read all the content and articles from components without the need for a menu item. If not what do they do?

Lets assume i had an xmap component for 'Bookmarks Reloaded' for joomla 1.7, i have about 1200 links/articles in it. Would i need to make a menu item for all these links just so they would go in to the sitemap or would the plugin for xmap add them to the sitemap if there was only one link in the menus to the 'Bookmarks Reloaded' component?

Also on the old xmap for joomla 1.5 i could just install it, turn on the plugins i wanted and then i had a sitemap within minutes, i have already been pulling my hair out setting this up for a couple of hours.

This is not a negative post at all, i am just confused as xmap 2.0 (for joomla 1.7) no longer seems to create sitemaps as i thought they would.


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