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something wrong with list item??

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something wrong with list item??

Postby aniangeless » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:40 am

i have installed and added in menu..but there are some problems..

i have category and photos.

in list items are categories but not articles, and there is photgallery (from Datsogallery) appears list of everyphoto..its wrong..(( how can i solve it? i need just categories and articles..

Look bottom...


- Home
- About us
- News (category of articles)
-- Tournaments (category of articles)
-- Articles (category of articles)
-- Bio (category of articles)
-- About badminton (category of articles)
-- News from us (category of articles)
-- Video lessons from Lee (category of articles)
- Photogallery
-- Badmintonists (category of photos in 1 level)
--- Lee Chong Wei (category of photos in 2 level)
---- Lee Chong Wei1 (photo, not category!!)
---- Lee Chong Wei2 (photo, not category!!)
--- Peter Gade (category)
---- Peter Gade1 (photo, not category!!)
---- Peter Gade2 (photo, not category!!)
---- Peter Gade3 (photo, not category!!)
--- Saina Nehwal (category)
---- Saina Nehwal1 (photo, not category!!)
---- Saina Nehwal2 (photo, not category!!)
---- Saina Nehwal3 (photo, not category!!)
-- Tournaments (category of photos in 1 level)
--- Championships 2012 (category of photos in 2 level)
---- Mixed double (ptoto, not category!!)
---- Men double (ptoto, not category!!)
---- Women double (ptoto, not category!!)
---- Single (ptoto, not category!!)
- Contacts
- Shop
- Xmap
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