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bug?? exclusivity of user uploaded media???

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bug?? exclusivity of user uploaded media???

Postby bytebandit01 » Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:50 am

in com_zoom seetings in the admin area..

accessibility tab >> public frontend
the registered users group has a check for upload, edit, delete.

registered user 1 uploads a pic. registered user 1 can edit and delete the pic. but registered user 2 can also edit and delete the pic uploaded by user 1.

can user exclusivity of their own uploaded media be applied here? like i mean given the configuration setting above in the frontend tab, i think it would be nice if only registered user 1 can delete his/her own uploaded media and same goes to the other registered users. registered user 2 should not be allowed to delete other media uploaded by other users not unless he/she has been granted higher user status like moderator or sumthing.

is this a bug or anything..? or just a feature not yet coded..?

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