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No css file

No css file

Postby undercash » Sun Apr 12, 2009 2:24 pm


I was trying out to build some tv look like module with Dinamod

and I thought it would be nice to have rounded corner so I was willing to learn how to do it.. probably not the easiest thing also..

but I can't see any css file in the module directory.

Also, you said that
Hi! Yes, it is designed to automatically overwrite it's css, but we have updated it so you can now choose not to "Update CSS" from the advanced parameters so your own changes aren't missed. Thank you!

but I can't see this feature in the back end of the module. I discovered your module like 3 weeks ago so it's probably the latest update. But no function available.

Do you have any hint about this?

edit: please move to section dinamod, sorry

Up from version 2.0, the module doesn't have any css files. The style declaration is added directly to the <head> part of your website in order to avoid a writting permission problem some user could have experienced earlier.

If you would like to make any css changes, you need to edit helper.php.

Thank you!

ok I think this answer my question :lol:

thanks a lot for this great module

I didn't read much in the forum but you say that with {loadposition userx} you can load this module in any article content, witch is great use for this kind of module in my opinion
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Re: No css file

Postby ShanYao » Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:17 am

Thanks the share, Likes here content very much!!
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