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2 Thumbs up, and 2 requests

2 Thumbs up, and 2 requests

Postby Hayatt » Sun May 27, 2012 2:02 pm

First of all, this is a great extension, and there is no competitor to it.
I've been complaining that this should have been a core feature of joomla, but they would not listen. I was nagging that an extension should be made to fill this gap, and here it came, finally.
You guys did a great, great job, so two thumbs up! :)

I have 2 suggestions/requests.

1) How about having a plugin to show a "box" under the article that show the author info, and a link to his/her article list?
See this plugin:
It does this, but I was hoping of a plugin that comes as a part of "Author List", I just love your component and don't want to use another extension with it. :)
Plus, "Author box" plugin takes data from another source, which means duplicate work, and a chance for unsynchronized data.

See the attached image for an example of author box.

2. Is there a way to let authors have access to their data and edit it?
Well, at least the description.
I have a huge number of authors (around 200), and it is a big issue to enter their data manually.
So I hope they can do it themselves.

Sorry for blabbing a lot. And thank you again for a job very well done! :)
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