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Trouble installing on Windows2008R2 IIS7 MSSQL

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Trouble installing on Windows2008R2 IIS7 MSSQL

Postby Ruminator » Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:24 pm

The Extensions Manager indicates Xamp installed successfully.
Was able to "publish" all the plug-ins. But can't access the xmap Admin Page.
Getting message in both IE and Firfox that the webpage cannot be displayed.
Had a similar problem with another Extension and there were some issues with the ms sql database "Create Table" , I believe. Sorry, I'm the webbuilder, not the database guy. Anyway, would be a very neet feature to have on our site. It works perfectly on a "test site" running on MySQL database.

I did connect with a Xmap menu and this is the message on the page when the Sitemap Menu Tab is clicked.

[Microsoft][SQL Server native Client 11.0][SQL server]Invalid object name 'jos_xmap_sitemap'.SQL=SELECT a.*FROM jos_xmap_sitemap AS a WHERE AND a.state= 1 AND a.access IN (1,1)

Any ideas?
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