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issues caused by remote image

issues caused by remote image

Postby baijianpeng » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:02 am

After I install Featured Categories module on my live site, I did not expect to encounter any problem. But after a while, when I refresh my homepage, I saw following error message:

There was a problem loading image project-logo.gif

My God! I was really confused , because I don't know where did this message from, which extension detected this error? Why it try to load that image?

Since I only installed this module during that time, so I think maybe it was from this module.

After some check, I began to understood what happened:

I had used a remote image (external image, on another website) in one of my articles, the file name is project-logo.gif. And it is the first image in that article.

The strange thing is: That article which contains the project-logo.gif image is NOT the main article, it is just listed as the "linked article" on Featured Categories module. So, why this module try to load image from a linked article?

I think this is a bug.

Here is my suggestions:

1. Never load image from articles that listed as "linked article". What is the point of loading image from a "linked article" while this module never show image for "linked articles"?
2. For Main Articles, if the first image is a remote image, then load it from original URL, or , if it is not easy to handle external images, just skip it and pick up the second image (I mean the first local image) in that article.
3. For output error message, please include the module name and the article title in the message so the user will quickly know where did that error message comes from, like:

Error: There was a problem when mod_featcat trying to load image project-logo.gif in article : This is my article title.

4. If this module can create thumbnail for remote image, that is the best solution. You can store the thumbnail in /cache folder.

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Re: issues caused by remote image

Postby chus » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:25 pm


You are absolutely right, the image shouldn't be called for the secondary articles, and that's why we have corrected this behavior in the current version.

Thank you for your further suggestions! We will consider them for the next version release.

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