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SobiPro plugin and transliteration/not URL-encoded

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SobiPro plugin and transliteration/not URL-encoded

Postby webbarin84 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:03 am

Hi! First, thanks a lot for this huge component to Joomla.
Xmap works not properly with SobiPro (whatever if SEF is enabled or not - with SobiPro Router app enabled or not).
Url for my sitemap

For entries, the name in the url is not transliterated and Cyrillic alphabet is not URL-encoded

For example, if I've created an entry:
- in SobiPro I have the url looks like:
- but in Xmap the same url looks like:Агломерационный-процесс.html (the ulr is not transliterated and using Cyrillic alphabet)

I would like to see in Xmap for entry of SobiPro
- or the same url like
- or the URL-encoded with out Cyrillic alphabetАгломерационный-процесс.html but URL-encoded like

So in Xmap i have:
- ulr not transliterated
- url with out URL-encoded but using Cyrillic alphabet, that is not allowed in rules of SiteMap

Please help me.
Thank you!
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