Wednesday, 28 January 2015 04:14


Xmap 1.1 Beta 1 Released

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Hello everybody, we are releasing a new version of Xmap which introduces one big feature and some other small ones. From now on, we are going to focus our work on this release... please help us testing it so we can improve it.

The major feature on this new version is a new plug-in handler (now called extensions). You can manage your extensions within the administrator's interface and play with the options for each extension.

The major new features of this version are:

  • Interface to install/uninstall Xmap extensions.
  • Publish and unpublish an extension with a simple click
  • Possibility to customize the options for each extension.
  • You can decide whether to include the CSS file in your sitemap.
  • You can switch to the “standard XML sitemap view” instead of the Xmap’s style

Improvements and fixes

  • Less memory consumption so it should be able to generate even bigger sitemaps.
  • Added compatibility with some admin templates like Plaza and others so it should work with any admin template.
  • Some minor bug fixes since Xmap 1.0.4

AdSense New Codes

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As many of you probably know, Google Adsense has recently introduced a new ad management feature.

"...this feature will save the settings of your ad units within your AdSense account. That means, each time you want to change the colors, channels, or even the corner styles for your ad units, you can make the changes directly in your account rather than generating and pasting new code...".


Xmap 1.0.4 Released

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Today we are releasing the version 1.0.4. This is a bug fix release and doesn't introduce new features. Thanks to everyone who has helped to identify all this errors.

Changes since 1.0.3: