Saturday, 20 December 2014 19:29


About the plugins

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Xmap is compatible with Joomap's plugins but it is neccesary to write a change to the plugin file in order to make it work.


Open the plugin file (.php) with any text editor and replace any ocurrency of "JoomapPlugins" for "XmapPlugins".


You can also search the plugin in our download area to see if it's there or you can request this plugin in our forum


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Hello everybody, We are looking for translators for the Xmap component. If you can help us with another language, other than English and Spanish, please feel free to do so and to post a notice in the forum.



Xmap 1.0 Released

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We are releasing the first version of our component. You are invited to test it and feedback us with your experiences, comments and suggestions.

To read more about this release, please follow this link.

To get it now, go to the downloads section.