Martes, 27 Enero 2015 16:57


Cómo instalar extensiones de Xmap

The installation procedure depends on the version of Xmap you are using

Which version of Xmap are you using?

Install extensions for Xmap version 1.1 or later

Go to Xmap at your site's backend, clicking over Components->Xmap at your top menu.


Click on the third tab "Extensions"  and then click on the [Browse...] button in the Install section. Navigate to the same xmap extension file you have downloaded earlier from our site and then click on "Upload File & Install" button.

 Image showing the installation of a Xmap Extension

At the end you will see a notification that the component integration was successfully completed. The next thing you should do, is go back to the Extensions tab and publish your extension. You can also review its options and configure it as you want!


Install extensions for Xmap version 1.0.4 or older

On Xmap 1.0.4 and older, the extensions are installed manually. To install any extension, unzip it first and then place the php file via ftp or any file manager like joomlaXplorer or eXtplorer into the following directory: