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Cambios a Xmap

Xmap 1.2.13 (2011-07-20)
  • Fixed bug with XML view. Some user receive an error when trying yo see the XML sitemap. (robots are not affected)
  • Fixied bug in Mosets Tree and category ordering
  • Updated eventlist extension to be compatible with Evenlist 1.1
  • Added tooltip for cache setting on the sitemap's preferences
  • Fixed an error that prevented some extensions to be properly installed

Xmap 1.2.12 (2011-07-12)

  • Security Fix: SQL injection through the paremeter "view"

Xmap 1.2.6 (2009-12-31)

  • Fixed wrong url with menu aliases when Joomla's SEF is enabled
  • Fixed bug with articles_order PHP notice in content extension
  • Fix bug with kewords in content extension
  • Added options to SOBI2 extension to allow change the ordering and limit the number of items per category
  • SOBI2 extension now takes the correct last modified date for each entry
  • Updated JDownload extension to only show authorized items (Thanks to Arno Betz)
  • Added Extension for DOCman 1.5.x
  • Enhanced installation screen :D (Thanks to Christopher Schmidt)
  • Fixed some bugs in MyBlog extension
  • Optimized MyBlog extension (Reduced the number of SQL queries)
  • Small bug fixes in JDownload extension

Xmap 1.2.5 (2009-12-16)

  • Now is possible to modify the articles order in the settings of the content plugin.
  • Virtuemart extension now add the correct Itemid to the menu items.
  • Fix error with menu alias items

Xmap 1.2.4 (2009-12-11)

  • Fix installation error (tables are not created)
  • Added required language tag to Xmap News Sitemap

Xmap 1.2.3 (2009-12-10)

  • Updated the Google News sitemap to be compatible with the new structure defined by Google.
  • Added four new extensions:
    • Joomla's Contact Manager
    • JoomDOC
    • JoomGallery
    • RapidRecipe

Xmap 1.2.2 (2009-08-01)

  • Fix the problem with duplicated URLs included in the XML sitemap causing the sitemaps being rejected by Google
  • The extensions are installed automatically
  • Added six new extensions:
    • Agora Forum
    • Hot Property (new J15 native version)
    • Kunena Forum
    • JEvents (new J15 native version)
    • Eventlist Component (new J15 native version)
    • Glossary Component
  • Introduced XmapLink Plugin

Xmap 1.2.1 (2009-05-18)

  • (new) The user can change the priority and change frequency of each menu item in the XML sitemap when logged in as Super Administrator in the frontend.
  • (new) Generates Google News sitemap (beta)

Xmap 1.2 (2008-08-01)

  • Fixed a problem related with the SEF urls new version of Joomla 1.5.5
  • Avoid duplicate menu items in the same menu
  • Capability to exclude any item from your site map directly from the frontend of your site
  • Option to compress the XML site map to save bandwith usage.
  • Allow to change the title of the page using the options of the menu.
  • Allow to select the desired site map to use using the options of the menu.
  • Some other minor bugs fixed.

Xmap 1.1 (2008-04-05)

  • Added support for Joomla 1.5 in native mode
  • Added extension management interface
  • Improved memory usage
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • Added option to not include Xmap's CSS style withing the sitemap

Xmap 1.0.4 (2007-11-07)

  • Better support for SEF urls that includes non-standard characters on it, including sh404sef, Artio JoomSEF and others.
  • FIX: Missing 0 for fists level class in the HTML sitemap.
  • FIX: In some cases, a blank line is inserted before the output start on the XML sitemap.
  • Fastest output start on XML sitemap with less memory consumption.
  • Some other minor bugs fixed.

Xmap 1.0.3 (2007-09-29)

  • Added support for Mambo CMS
  • FIX: Menus are not expaded when de parent is of type "separator".
  • FIX: Administrator interface doesn't work when used on sub-domain other than the configured for $mosConfig_live_site
  • FIX: Cannot save the image for external URLs on preferences.
  • FIX: Warning for re-declared constant on spanish language.
  • FIX: Links for multi-section blog displays the articles of the site.
  • Better support for Joomla 1.5 SEF feature
  • FIX: Current date not properly showed on XML sitemap
  • FIX: Save css styles file error.
  • Added German translation (thanks to Uwe Kleßen)
  • Removed "Powered by Xmap" from the end of XML sitemap

Xmap 1.0.2 (2007-09-21)

  • FIX: Append itemid to external urls
  • FIX: On Joomla 1.5 doesn't generate the SEF url
  • FIX: Exclude menus feature doesn't work
  • FIX: Generate url with duplicated Itemd
  • FIX: Installation fails due missing files

Xmap 1.0.1 (2007-09-17)

  • FIX: problem using other language than english with Joomla 1.5.
  • Several translations completed

Xmap 1.0.0 (2007-09-15)

  • First release!