Lunes, 26 Enero 2015 12:26


Xmap Link Plugin

Xmap Link plugin is an editor extension which allows you to easily add links to any element from any component supported by Xmap Component into your content. It will appear as a button at the bottom of the text editor that will open a folder tree based on the menus you have added to a defined Xmap's sitemap.


Download it from our downloads section and install it as any other Joomla Extension. Then go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager and select "editors-ext" in the filter

Look for "Button - Xmap Link" in the list and then click in the red "x" to publish it as showen in the following image

Using Xmap Link Plugin

Now that you have published the plugin, you are ready to use this little but helpful tool. Just go to create or edit an article for example and look for the new button at the bottom of the text editor.

Click over it, and a list of menus will appear where you can select the element you want to link to.

Adding menus to the list

This plugin uses the menus added to a defined Xmap's sitemap. So, in order to add or remove a menu from the list you have to do it directly on the sitemap using Xmap's backend. See Xmap's documentation to learn about it.

By default, it uses the default Xmap sitemap (if you have more than one), but you can choose a different one from the plugin options by following Extensions->Plugins Manager.