Jueves, 18 Diciembre 2014 05:40


zOOm Media Gallery

Well, wasn't easy but here it is. This is a Joomla 1.5 compatible version of the great Zoom Media Gallery. It doesn't introduce any new features, except it works for Joomla´s latest release. The main issue was that Zoom uses Prototype and Scriptaculous and Joomla uses Mootools. They aren't compatible with each other. So, it was practically necessary a big, but really big change on its javascript core. Hope it helps somebody... if you want to talk about it and report any bugs, please go to our forum. I will try to fix some bugs depending on how much work it requires.

You can download this version from our downloads section


  • Changed url for ajax calls from /components/com_zoom/www/ajaxcallback.php to /index.php?option=com_zoom&no_html=1&page=ajaxcallback
  • Modified lightbox.js to work with with mootools instead of prototype+scriptaculous
  • Modified scriptaculous.js to work with mootools and renamed to zoom.js
  • Unified zoom.js and mm.js files
  • Category manager tree handle migrated to mooTree2


  • Save buttom doesn't appear in gallery manager
  • Auto refresh categories tree when saving gallery to reflect the change on subgallery parent
  • Replaced call to deprecated window.captureEvents to window.addEventListener in tjpzoom.js

Known issues:

  • Cannot change the order of the galleries. The drag n' drop feature was removed because it wasn't compatible with mootools and will take a lot of time to make it compatible. This could be added in a future (possible) release.
  • Admin Toolbar disappear after upload a file.