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News articles dispalys only on homepage

Groups your news by sections or by categories

News articles dispalys only on homepage

Postby vonschnappi » Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:03 pm

Couldn't find an appropriate solution here in the forum (went all the way to page 6 ;) ).
I've been using Globalnews Module for displaying scrolling news.
The module works fine on every site I have developed so far, but I have encountered a bizarre error on one my of sites. At first, when entering the site and choosing one of the news articles it displays itself correctly on the inner template, but when I return to the homepage and click the linkable titles once again, it displays on the homepage itself rather then the inner template.
I've been digging ruthlessly inside the module's files but came up with nothing.
Any suggestion, leads or tips?
Thanking anyone who answers,
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