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Display 2columns instead of 3 in default menu

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Display 2columns instead of 3 in default menu

Postby pvanzini » Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:33 am


I'm using template allediabolt with joomla 1.5 and legacy mode activated.
global_news module is configured to be displayed on right column for most of the pages (else not display).

it is displayed on right column in all page except one which don't have any right column.

Defect :
When user click on Read More link to display corresponding article it is well displayed on center column (three column layout) except when link is click on defaullt menu page (home page in example). Here article is display in a 2 columns layout (right column disappear)
NB : I changed default menu to an other page to validate defect was link to default menu setting.

Remarks : If I set one of the module on the right position to be displayed on all menu instead of some of them, Problem is solved BUT I loose my 2 columns layout which is required for some articles.

I'm quite stuck and can't find the reason of that bug.
Then any help will be welcome ^^

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