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grouping news by article IDs ... How to edit code??

Groups your news by sections or by categories

grouping news by article IDs ... How to edit code??

Postby meto » Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:14 pm

Hello all
I'm very happy, that i join to this great forum. I'm using this module for along time. My site depending on this great module "Global News". I want to group my news on homepage not by a category or section, but by the articles IDs, that i specify. I could edit the code in xml file (mod_globalnews.xml), and I'm not very good in php to edit the code in the other files, that bring the IDs of articles.

Please help me! Please Please!
It is very very very important for all my websites.
I'm waiting for your great reply!
I suggest you to add this option in the next module update.
Thank you all !
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