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Extra Vote inside EventList?

Provides the ajax five-star rating feature to your articles

Extra Vote inside EventList?

Postby mixworks » Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:02 pm


I love this plug in thank you!

Is there a way to hard code this plug in to a template?

I want to use it with eventlist so people can rate events and venues.

I realize that I can add
Code: Select all
inside the descriptions but that would be a lot of work being that I already have many events at many venues.

I was wondering if I there was a way to implement it the same way I added JomComment to the venues template.

I added:
Code: Select all
   <?php   if (file_exists(JPATH_SITE.DS.'plugins'.DS.'content'.DS.'jom_comment_bot.php')) :
          echo jomcomment($this->row->did, 'com_eventlist'); ?>
     <?php endif; ?>

and that worked fine however, when I tried it with extravote all I get is errors.

I know very little php so perhaps someone could help me out.

Thanks very much!

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