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XMap, extended_menu, menu titles: solved

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XMap, extended_menu, menu titles: solved

Postby FluteTraverse » Fri May 09, 2008 1:29 pm


I use the module "extended menu":

You can see this module in this free template "JSN EPIC" three times: top (suckerfish), left (bullettree) and bottom (divbar):

XMaps gets the menu title from the table "modules", field "module", content "mod_mainmenu" in file:
[*]respectively componentscom_joomapjoomap.php[/list:u]

These replacements are necessary:

[list][*]for extended menu, Joomla 1.0.x: instead of "mod_mainmenu": "mod_exmenu"
[*]for extended menu, Joomla 1.5: instead of "mod_mainmenu": "mod_exmenu-j15"[/list:u]

Code: Select all
// $query = "SELECT * FROM #__modules WHERE published='1' AND module='mod_mainmenu' AND params LIKE '%menutype=". $menutype ."%'";
$query = "SELECT * FROM #__modules WHERE published='1' AND module='mod_exmenu' AND params LIKE '%menutype=". $menutype ."%'";

So it would be a nice feature if XMap would ask if "extended menu" is used or not (in order to get the fitting menu titles for the sitemap).

Bye! - Georg
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