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Problems with creation of my sitemap with xmap

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Problems with creation of my sitemap with xmap

Postby mati1979 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:57 pm

I would like to create a sitemap with xmap for my site (it is a subdomain to connect to the primary domain, here the link http://scuola-kitesurf-cagliari.kitegeneration.com/).
When I try to save the sitemap (created with xmap) I get the following error and the sitemap is not saved:

Saving failed due to the following error: XmapTableSitemap: :failed store - Got error -1 from storage engine SQL=INSERT INTO `dxbrn_xmap_sitemap` (`id`,`title`,`alias`,`introtext`,`attribs`,`selections`,`created`,`is_default`,`state`,`access`,`count_xml`,`count_html`,`views_xml`,`views_html`,`lastvisit_xml`,`lastvisit_html`) VALUES ('0','prova','prova','','{\"showintro\":\"1\",\"show_menutitle\":\"1\",\"classname\":\"\",\"columns\":\"\",\"exlinks\":\"img_blue.gif\",\"compress_xml\":\"1\",\"beautify_xml\":\"1\",\"news_publication_name\":\"\"}','{\"mainmenu\":{\"priority\":\"0.5\",\"changefreq\":\"weekly\",\"ordering\":0}}','2012-11-10 17:00:04','1','0','1','0','0','0','0','0','0')

I don't know if there are problems with xmap, with the database or joomla and how to solve the problem.
Can anyone help me and support for solving this issue?
Thanks in advance for support
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