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Configurable header tag type

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Configurable header tag type

Postby doorknob » Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:59 am

I wanted to be able to use a header tag different from h2, so I made the following patch (to v1.2.6). While I was making the changes, I found that the program xmap.php tries to load the 'sitemap' parameter from the xmap menu item but the metadata.xml file is only configured to include this value in the url and not as a parameter. I changed this file so that both the existing parameter 'sitemap' and the new one I added for the header tag type are both stored as parameters. With this patch, the type of tag used for headers on the page can be configured from a drop down list but defaults to the currently hard coded value.
The code change I made to xmap.html.php was as follows:
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   var $_isAdmin = 0;

(around line 22) add:
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   var $_header_type;

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   function XmapHtml (&$config, &$sitemap) {

(around line 25) add
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      global $Itemid;

      $menu = JSite::getMenu();
      $menuparams = $menu->getParams( $Itemid );
      $this->_header_type = $menuparams->get('header_type', 'h2');

Around line 250, replace
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         echo '<h2 class="menutitle">'.$menu->name.'</h2>';

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         echo '<'.$this->_header_type.' class="menutitle">'.$menu->name.'</'.$this->_header_type.'>';

Attached is a zip with the revised metadata.xml file and the patched program file
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