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User acces Zoom

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User acces Zoom

Postby CreativeImmense » Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:07 pm

Hi There,

I hace a question, our users can only view the photo's when they are registered and when they login. In our top menu i give the zoom component acces rights to only the registered users. When they click to the zoom compenent they see only a screen with the search field of zoom and on the bottom of the page the links for the top 10, latest comment and latetst add pics.

By ohter compenents (where for the users must be registerd and login) we have a screen what's say, only registered users have acces, please login or make a account. With that there are login fields. Only at the Zoom component this page isn't there. Where does this goinig wrong?

In the top menu the acces rights are "registered" and also the albums are set for only "regsisterëd" users.

Is there a possibility to give our users acces to the gallery overview of albums and when they click on a album the get the page with the login field?

I hope somebody can help us out with this problem.


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