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Search function &SEF

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Search function &SEF

Postby » Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:49 pm

Hi All,

Playing around with the search function and having installed SH404SEF and the Zoom extension for it we see some funny behaviour. Our structure looks like this

- coloring pages
-- various
-- Animals
--- horses

For every category we have made custom SEF URLS which look like this

(yes, it's a coloring pages website)
Now when I use the search function (from either the search input box or when I click on keywords when viewing an image) from say and in the search result is a picture of a horse and i click there, the URL gets messed up; starting with where I was and ending up with were I'm going:

It seems like te hyperlinks in the results from a search are relative from were te search is done and not starting from the root (which would make my SEF run correctly).

Is there something I can do about this? You can see this all in live action on but It's all in Dutch.....

UPDATE: I figured out what happens here, though I'm not programmer enough to fix it

The URL is build like this:
When you click on an image's keyword, you will get the quick-search results in the URL root/menu-item/ and every page you open from within these search results (in my case images or galleries) wil have this menu item name added to the URL resulting in something like:

The same thing happens actually when you click on images in modules like mod_zoomthumbs.

For me, it would be just fine if the sh404sef module would not use the menu item at all when rewriting ZOOM's URL's. Would that be possible?

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