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Can tabs & content be in different positions?

Displays your chosen modules in highly customizable tabs

Can tabs & content be in different positions?

Postby KevinPeeples » Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:21 pm

I love this extension, but Im looking to see if I can have a vertical list of my tabs in, say, User4 position, but when we click on them, the content appears in User5 position, instead of right below the tabs in the same module/position.

What Im basically trying to do is get a vertical nav on my site to load only the module/article content in the main body section when I click on the tabs, instead of having my entire page reload when I click on a nav button. It seems like dinamods would be able to do this real well and help my site run more efficiently.

Anyone else have this idea? essentially I could roll-over all my nav buttons and my page content would flip seamlessly. The technology works, so I know its possible, I just dont know how to tell the tabs to stay in one area, but the content to move to a different area.

Please help! Here's my current site: lifecharlotte.com
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