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Filtered News - htmlspecialchars twice in static

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Filtered News - htmlspecialchars twice in static

Postby naimless » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:50 pm

Sorry for posting here - unfortunately the Filtered News category is locked, so I'd post this short bug report here.

First off, amazing component. So simple, yet so much depth and customisation possible. I love it!

Anyway, in Filtered News helper.php, around line 280 it says

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$row->title = htmlspecialchars( $row->title );

This causes a bug for me, since 5 lines down htmlspecialchars is applied again to the title, causing & and other special characters to be output as & when using the static mode (not sure about other modes), etc.

When I removed this, it was working fine - might want to consider updating in next version if this is a problem for you too.

Also, there are a few unnecessary SQL queries being done - even though category exclusion is deselected, for example, it still JOINS the cat table, etc. Might be worth looking into, though generally it's quite fast anyway.
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