Lunes, 22 Diciembre 2014 21:21


Filtered News Module

This new module is a simple modification of Joomla´s default latest news in order to filter items by the current section and by the current category, featuring also popular and random news.

You might find it particularly usefull if you have plenty of articles into many different categories.

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Multi Adsense Module

We have developed a very simple module for joomla! to display multiple types of Google ads by AdSense. This actual version has made it posible for us to have one only module to display every possible AdSense ad type. This way it is a lot easier to manage your google ads, you just go to Site Modules, filter our mod_multiadsense type and set!

You will find it in our downloads area!

Xmap 1.0.3 Released

Today we are releasing the version 1.0.3. This is a bug fix release and doesn't introduce new features. Thanks to everyone who has helped to identify all this errors.

Changes since 1.0.2:

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