Viernes, 30 Enero 2015 06:24


Xmap 1.0.2 Released

We want to thank all of you who have helped us make Xmap a better product by using it and sharing with everybody the difficulties you might have found so far.

We are now releasing Xmap 1.0.2 to correct all those bugs you have reported lately.

If you have already installed our component, we suggest you update to this new version. If you haven't installed it yet, then we invite you to do it and to tell us about your experiences with Xmap.

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Xmap 1.0.1 Released

This new version fixes a problem that affected Joomla 1.5 administrators using other languages than english. It also includes the french and the bulgarian translations recently provided by our kind guests.

You can download this new version in our downloads area.

About the plugins


Xmap is compatible with Joomap's plugins but it is neccesary to write a change to the plugin file in order to make it work.


Open the plugin file (.php) with any text editor and replace any ocurrency of "JoomapPlugins" for "XmapPlugins".


You can also search the plugin in our download area to see if it's there or you can request this plugin in our forum